Wednesday 11 November 2015

#Empirekred - the place to be

Why I have joined Empire.Kred and its Leaders


I consider myself a professional writer. With two awards for published cookbooks and numerous publications in newspapers and magazines you could call me fairly successful.

However, my social media presence left a lot to be desired. I had plenty of friends on Facebook, but all my post never seemed to attract any attention.

Then a friend sent me the invitation to Empire Avenue, how it was called then. That was in February. Since then, my social media activity has skyrocketed.

I near the 1.000 mark on Twitter and my Facebook page. Now I know that I can get more than 10 likes for a Facebook post if I really want to.

How? Thanks to Empire.Kred and its missions. When I create a new post, I advertise it on Empire.Kred with a mission and people are drawn to my Facebook page – or wherever I invite them to go. The best: It does not cost me a penny.

A few months ago, the owners of Empire Avenue changed. Although Empire Avenue had loyal supporters, it did not create the expected revenue.

With Empire.Kred, there is hope now. The people behind the Kred imperium belong to Peoplebrowser, a fairly successful enterprise with money to spend.

At this point, I wonder, why Empire.Kred is still not making money. It is the most useful tool for social media that I have come across.

Among its members you find first class social media experts – and they are all willing to give you a hand.

I have joined Leaders, the elite community of Empire.Kred, because I loved the supportive spirit present in the Empire.

Come and join us, you will not regret it.


  1. i love E.K and i'm glad i joined and im also even happier that i joined the leaders so much fun and you really learn alot from the other leaders so worth joing

  2. Kornelia,

    It's a great idea to use Empire.Kred to get likes to your post, I never thought of using it that way! Thank you!

  3. Excellent post, Kornelia. Your friendship is one of my favorite benefits of being a part of #empirekred!

  4. Thank you Ruud, very kind of you.

  5. Have a blessed day!


  6. I also joined #empirekred to help expand my business. I was surprised by the number of quality friendships I have made and the amount of solid useful information I discovered in doing missions.(Kornelia's recipes were a special bonus) After I joined the leaders group, I discovered how to improve my whole social media strategy. I'm very glad I joined!

  7. Great attitude, Kornelia. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Like Being There....i like to a crossword puzzle anyday! All the best you in India, Kornelia!

  9. I wish I was your friend, I met you by Empire.Kred